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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hai friends all must be confused with my post title!!!!I'l explain the meaning behind that, MS-MICROSOFT and OSS-OPENSOURCE SOFTWARE. Now i'l hope you understand my point.I mean that:
I hope every one knew about the microsoft.I'l accept microsoft producing products that are very much user friendly because of it's GUI feature.But,think they are charging you what ever you do right?And you need a permission from him to do a modification in his product.Why to depend on that particular microsoft again and again?Our dependency towards a particular products which is from a closed vendor reduces our freedom and makes us to learn what he provides!!!!!

Now,that time to make a change come on let us quit the softwares from closed vendors and let us try with the free available softwares from open vendors.

             There is a difference between free software and open source software:
  • The freesoftware or freeware is supplied and redistributed for free as per the author's request.No additional license is needed to redistribute.
  • The opensource comes with full of freedom and you can do what ever you want.
  • A opensource software can be defined as the software that comes along with the source code.
  • You can do what ever you want in the source code and develop a new software.You can supply the software with your modification to any no. of persons.
  • The only restriction in opensource you cannot get a copyright to a software that is supplied as the opensource.
  • The open software ranges from OPERATING SYSTEM to SMALL UTILITY softwares.
  • Examples:

I'l explain the advantages and disadvantages in OSS in my following post!

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