Monday, April 25, 2011

How to use the Cloud OS!

In order to use the cloud operating system all you need is a web browser and a internet connection.

  1. When your computer is connected to the internet.Follow the steps below,
  2. Open your computer's browser(google chrome will be good).
  3. Next type in the URL bar.
  4. you will find the homepage as given below:

     5.There you will find the create account option click it and enter the required details.
     6.With your username and password login in to your cloud os.The snapshot is given below

    7.Then click the cloud shaped button that is the start button.There you can find a lot of neccesary things as         in our usual windows operating system.
    8.In order to upload a file,click the mydocuments option in the desktop and you will find the upload a file option as show below:

    9.Cloudo is an open source so you will have 3gb data storage for free.

   10.We can open cloudo in mobile too.use

Try it out!I'l say about icloud in my next post.

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