Monday, May 2, 2011


Hai friends hope you tried open office.If you find any difficulties feel free to mail me or comment in the post.
Now,the next software that we uses in our day by day life is the Nero express.

Nero express is a software that allows us to make a dupilcate copy of the cd's,to make data to be copied in the disc,to make image file(that can be later copied to the disc),to make variety of disc's as follows:
  • Audio Disc
  • Mp3 Disc
  • Movie Disc and so on
The difference between the audio and mp3 is the capacity and quality of the songs (or) simply the audio data.Mp3 is efficient than the simple audio disc.

Now ,the Nero express is easy and user friendly to use.But inorder to obtain the kit with all features working you need to pay to the company.You will not use all those features but you need to pay for those unwanted stuff's too!

So it's time to switch over from Nero express to Infra-recorder.

                        NERO EXPRESS 2 INFRA-RECORDER

What will Infra-recorder will do?

  • We can do what ever we are currently doing in the Nero express but in a different way.
  • First step is to download the INFRA RECORDER to do so click here:
  • Once you done click the .exe file and install it.
  • Then click the IR icon that is displayed on the desktop the window will be displayed as show in the snapshot below:

  • Next choose the option as per your need.
  • I am choosing the data disc option there you can see two option CD/DVD.Choose the type of disc you need to use.
  • I am choosing dvd and the resultant snapshot is given below:

  • There select the required data that is to be written on the disc.The selected content will be displayed in the bottom half of that window.
  • The bar at the bottom of the window indicates the amount of data that is added so far.
  • Look the following snapsnop you can get a clear idea of this,

  • Once you are done,the next step is to write these data to the disc.
  • For that,use the following option Actions->Burn Compilation->to a Compact Disc
  • See the following snapshot to get a clear idea,

  • Once you click it a new window will appear as show in the snapshot below

  • Here,the ok button will not be enabled you must insert a blank cd to make it enabled.
  • When you insert the cd and click ok it will do the rest.
  • So,Infra recorder is free and easy to use.Say bye to cracked version of Nero Express
So, frenz try it out if you find any difficulty feel free to contact me.

That's it for this post will meet you with another opensource software in my next post!!!!


Friday, April 29, 2011


So friends i'l explain about some advantages of using the OSS!!

  • You are provided with full freedom and you can do what ever you want there is no restrictions.
  • There is no need for latest configuration system's to use these softwares.(For eg:The ubuntu operating system needs minimum 256mb ram and 4 gb free space)
  • So,it reduces the hardware cost.
  • We can have what we use other features can be neglected or eliminated.
There are also some disadvantages using the OSS:
  • They are not so user friendly like Windows.
  • The project tend to change often.(eg:Ubuntu versions keep on coming so often)
So,i'l start with the utility softwares.I mean that how to replace the current closed vendor software with the equivalent Opensource software.

  • Every one uses the MSOFFICE that provides us with the storing and manipulating our data.
  • Even though most of us use the pirated version of it,Some people will have to use the geniune version of it which cost around rs.2000 a basic student pack.
  • Think there is a OSS software that can do what ever the MSOffice does.
  • The Open office is developed by Sun microSystems.
  • The Open Office can do what a 
  • does only the name changes.Look the below details you can understand what i am trying to say:
If you want to download the OPEN OFFICE Check this:clickhere

To Remember:
  • The document will defaultly saved as ODF(Open Document Format)
  • In order to open with the MSOFFICE also save the document as DOC format as show below in the snapshot:
  •  When you want to open a Doc file created in a MSOFFICE no alternation is needed just click the option open with Open office writer.
The snap shot of Open calc is given below:

So,I showed there is a replacable Open source software for a high cost Closed vendor software like MSOFFICE.

That's it for the post.Download and Use it.I'l see you in my next post with Some other software.



    Wednesday, April 27, 2011


    Hai friends all must be confused with my post title!!!!I'l explain the meaning behind that, MS-MICROSOFT and OSS-OPENSOURCE SOFTWARE. Now i'l hope you understand my point.I mean that:
                                  MICROSOFT SOFTWARES 2 OPENSOURCE SOFTWARES
    I hope every one knew about the microsoft.I'l accept microsoft producing products that are very much user friendly because of it's GUI feature.But,think they are charging you what ever you do right?And you need a permission from him to do a modification in his product.Why to depend on that particular microsoft again and again?Our dependency towards a particular products which is from a closed vendor reduces our freedom and makes us to learn what he provides!!!!!

    Now,that time to make a change come on let us quit the softwares from closed vendors and let us try with the free available softwares from open vendors.

                 There is a difference between free software and open source software:
    • The freesoftware or freeware is supplied and redistributed for free as per the author's request.No additional license is needed to redistribute.
    • The opensource comes with full of freedom and you can do what ever you want.
    • A opensource software can be defined as the software that comes along with the source code.
    • You can do what ever you want in the source code and develop a new software.You can supply the software with your modification to any no. of persons.
    • The only restriction in opensource you cannot get a copyright to a software that is supplied as the opensource.
    • The open software ranges from OPERATING SYSTEM to SMALL UTILITY softwares.
    • Examples:

    I'l explain the advantages and disadvantages in OSS in my following post!

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011


    Hai all!In this post i'l say how to use the ICLOUD os.

    1. In your web browser type in the homepage create the username and password.
    2. The homepage snapshot is given below:

        3.Then,with the login details enter into your icloud home as show below:

       4.This has more features that that of the cloudo.One of the loveable feature is it's ilauncher it ask for the url and create a icon in your desktop.when you click it ,the browser of icloud will open and display the site.(A web browser inside a web browser).
        5.Following snapshot gives you the idea of my previous step.I opened my blog using ilauncher:



    Monday, April 25, 2011

    How to use the Cloud OS!

    In order to use the cloud operating system all you need is a web browser and a internet connection.

    1. When your computer is connected to the internet.Follow the steps below,
    2. Open your computer's browser(google chrome will be good).
    3. Next type in the URL bar.
    4. you will find the homepage as given below:

         5.There you will find the create account option click it and enter the required details.
         6.With your username and password login in to your cloud os.The snapshot is given below

        7.Then click the cloud shaped button that is the start button.There you can find a lot of neccesary things as         in our usual windows operating system.
        8.In order to upload a file,click the mydocuments option in the desktop and you will find the upload a file option as show below:

        9.Cloudo is an open source so you will have 3gb data storage for free.

       10.We can open cloudo in mobile too.use

    Try it out!I'l say about icloud in my next post.

    Sunday, April 24, 2011


    Hai all! Now i  will say what is the difference between the cloud and web hosting:

    • In case of a cloud hosting you need to pay only for what u have used! similar to that of paying EB bill per month.
    • The cloud computing effectively reduces the hardware cost because the computing process is done somewhere you will see just the results.
    • The computation is done in a group of servers which belong to the cloud provider.The place where the servers are kept are called as the DATAWAREHOUSES.
    • In case of the cloud,you will control the cloud server os and the server application where as the web hosting the provider will run the server hardware and applications for you!


    • In a cloud,when a user open his cloud platform and create a file in that,which may contain some essential data.
    • When the user log off his cloud platform the data that is created by the user will be stored in the cloud provider’s server in an encrypted form.(Some other data is added with the original  data)
    • When the user relogin into his cloud platform the data will be decrypted from the server and given to the user.

    I will explain more about the issues in the cloud in the next post!

    Friday, April 22, 2011

    Cloud OS

    Hai all! Let me say more about the cloud operating system.

    • I am Using icloud and cloud more often becoz they a not only open source (We have 3gb of data store for free) they are much easier to use.
    • The Cloudo contains the in built DEV tools which provide us the way to create applications as per our needs using XML language.
    • The following is the snapshot taken from the cloudo with dev tools:

    • The icloudo is similar to a normal win os in which you can find a browser(a browser inside a browser) and also a single IM that comprises all the IM services.
    • The snapshot of the icloud is given below with the IM:

    So, friends try it and if you have any difficulties feel free to contact

    One more thing if you need to knew anything more in any trend in IT tell me i make my future post regarding that.

    Rest in next!

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    Cloud Computing

    Hai all hope everyone comes across the term cloud computing for the past few years!.Let me say what is a cloud first:

    • Cloud computing is a internet based computing in which the shared server's provide resources to the client computers.
    • In simple words,the execution of a process will be done in the cloud provider server the client computer will just view the result.
    • The cloud computing helps to reduce the hardware that is needed.becoz the process execution occur in the server.
    • You will pay only for what u use in cloud hosting where as in web hosting you need to pay for the entire set.
    • The best example is world cup sites that is being launched only used by visitors during certain days.In web hosting we to pay for the four long years.
    • The biggest disadvantage of using cloud is the lack of security since it is very risky to store a data in some one server.
    • Some other disadvantages are policy and terms ,vendor lock and so on.

    • I have my own idea to improve the data security in cloud for user data which i will explain in the future.

    My Focus:

    1. Since cloud hosting is mostly related to commerial industries. I will tell about the cloud operating system
    2. In order to use a cloud os all you need is: 1.INTERNET 2.WEB BROWSER
    3. Here you can store you data and can access any where in the world using your cloud account
    4. Examples of cloud os:
    • Windows Azure
    • cloudo
    • icloud and so on.
    All we knew that windows will charge for everything so it is better to use cloudo or eyeos or icloud.

    Some of snapshots of cloudo is given below:
    Use the following URL to use CLOUD OS:

    I will tell you more in the next post!

    You can contact me in