Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hai all! Now i  will say what is the difference between the cloud and web hosting:

  • In case of a cloud hosting you need to pay only for what u have used! similar to that of paying EB bill per month.
  • The cloud computing effectively reduces the hardware cost because the computing process is done somewhere you will see just the results.
  • The computation is done in a group of servers which belong to the cloud provider.The place where the servers are kept are called as the DATAWAREHOUSES.
  • In case of the cloud,you will control the cloud server os and the server application where as the web hosting the provider will run the server hardware and applications for you!


  • In a cloud,when a user open his cloud platform and create a file in that,which may contain some essential data.
  • When the user log off his cloud platform the data that is created by the user will be stored in the cloud provider’s server in an encrypted form.(Some other data is added with the original  data)
  • When the user relogin into his cloud platform the data will be decrypted from the server and given to the user.

I will explain more about the issues in the cloud in the next post!

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