Monday, May 2, 2011


Hai friends hope you tried open office.If you find any difficulties feel free to mail me or comment in the post.
Now,the next software that we uses in our day by day life is the Nero express.

Nero express is a software that allows us to make a dupilcate copy of the cd's,to make data to be copied in the disc,to make image file(that can be later copied to the disc),to make variety of disc's as follows:
  • Audio Disc
  • Mp3 Disc
  • Movie Disc and so on
The difference between the audio and mp3 is the capacity and quality of the songs (or) simply the audio data.Mp3 is efficient than the simple audio disc.

Now ,the Nero express is easy and user friendly to use.But inorder to obtain the kit with all features working you need to pay to the company.You will not use all those features but you need to pay for those unwanted stuff's too!

So it's time to switch over from Nero express to Infra-recorder.

                        NERO EXPRESS 2 INFRA-RECORDER

What will Infra-recorder will do?

  • We can do what ever we are currently doing in the Nero express but in a different way.
  • First step is to download the INFRA RECORDER to do so click here:
  • Once you done click the .exe file and install it.
  • Then click the IR icon that is displayed on the desktop the window will be displayed as show in the snapshot below:

  • Next choose the option as per your need.
  • I am choosing the data disc option there you can see two option CD/DVD.Choose the type of disc you need to use.
  • I am choosing dvd and the resultant snapshot is given below:

  • There select the required data that is to be written on the disc.The selected content will be displayed in the bottom half of that window.
  • The bar at the bottom of the window indicates the amount of data that is added so far.
  • Look the following snapsnop you can get a clear idea of this,

  • Once you are done,the next step is to write these data to the disc.
  • For that,use the following option Actions->Burn Compilation->to a Compact Disc
  • See the following snapshot to get a clear idea,

  • Once you click it a new window will appear as show in the snapshot below

  • Here,the ok button will not be enabled you must insert a blank cd to make it enabled.
  • When you insert the cd and click ok it will do the rest.
  • So,Infra recorder is free and easy to use.Say bye to cracked version of Nero Express
So, frenz try it out if you find any difficulty feel free to contact me.

That's it for this post will meet you with another opensource software in my next post!!!!