Friday, April 22, 2011

Cloud OS

Hai all! Let me say more about the cloud operating system.

  • I am Using icloud and cloud more often becoz they a not only open source (We have 3gb of data store for free) they are much easier to use.
  • The Cloudo contains the in built DEV tools which provide us the way to create applications as per our needs using XML language.
  • The following is the snapshot taken from the cloudo with dev tools:

  • The icloudo is similar to a normal win os in which you can find a browser(a browser inside a browser) and also a single IM that comprises all the IM services.
  • The snapshot of the icloud is given below with the IM:

So, friends try it and if you have any difficulties feel free to contact

One more thing if you need to knew anything more in any trend in IT tell me i make my future post regarding that.

Rest in next!

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