Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cloud Computing

Hai all hope everyone comes across the term cloud computing for the past few years!.Let me say what is a cloud first:

  • Cloud computing is a internet based computing in which the shared server's provide resources to the client computers.
  • In simple words,the execution of a process will be done in the cloud provider server the client computer will just view the result.
  • The cloud computing helps to reduce the hardware that is needed.becoz the process execution occur in the server.
  • You will pay only for what u use in cloud hosting where as in web hosting you need to pay for the entire set.
  • The best example is world cup sites that is being launched only used by visitors during certain days.In web hosting we to pay for the four long years.
  • The biggest disadvantage of using cloud is the lack of security since it is very risky to store a data in some one server.
  • Some other disadvantages are policy and terms ,vendor lock and so on.

  • I have my own idea to improve the data security in cloud for user data which i will explain in the future.

My Focus:

  1. Since cloud hosting is mostly related to commerial industries. I will tell about the cloud operating system
  2. In order to use a cloud os all you need is: 1.INTERNET 2.WEB BROWSER
  3. Here you can store you data and can access any where in the world using your cloud account
  4. Examples of cloud os:
  • Windows Azure
  • cloudo
  • icloud and so on.
All we knew that windows will charge for everything so it is better to use cloudo or eyeos or icloud.

Some of snapshots of cloudo is given below:
Use the following URL to use CLOUD OS:

I will tell you more in the next post!

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murali said...

good work gautha
it is useful even for a non compu guys like me
keep it up

Ramalingam said...

Good work da.